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Organza Bag for bubble scoops, bubble bars, bubble bath confetti, sprinkles (2 sizes)

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1x Organza bag for use with bubble scoops, bubble bars, bubble bath confetti sprinkles.

Simply place the above product in the bag and attach it to the tap so water flows over the bag and contents.
This imparts rich luxurious bubbles and gentle colour into the bathwater.

Note: When breaking apart the above products under the bath water it loses a lot of the product, it's easier to re-use multiple times if placed in the bag under the tap, and allow water to flow over it for a few minutes, then remove it before it's all gone and it can be used again.

There are two sizes, small and large.

Small is suitable for bath confetti and pieces of bubble bar, and the large is more suited to the bubble scoops and bubble bars.

Cosmetic Safety Assessment Approved and Cosmetic Product Notification Port Submitted.
All fragrances are used within the safe IFRA usage limits
Handmade by myself to order (I do keep a small amount of stock in) but all bath bombs are guaranteed fresh and good for up to 2 years, although best results are achieved within 3 months.