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Colourful Stack Em' Owls Bath Bombs in Cloud Grande Scent (Set or Individual)

Made Fresh to Order. Dispatch in 1-2 Days.
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Allergen Declaration:
All cosmetic scents can contain a number of potential allegens at low levels that most people will tolerate perfectly fine, however sometimes an allergic reaction can occur. For allergens specific to this item, please contact us.
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Set of 3 handmade Multi-Colour Bath Bombs in Owl Shapes for adults and children in a Cloud Grande scent.  Also available as individual small, medium or large size.

- Lovely deep multi colour rainbow effect from hidden colour embeds.
- Strong but not overpowering scent
- With Kaolin Clay and Sweet Almond Oil for super-soft skin feel

Cosmetic Safety Assessment Approved and Cosmetic Product Notification Port Submitted.
All fragrances are used within the safe IFRA usage limits
Handmade by myself to order (I do keep a small amount of stock in) but all bath bombs are guaranteed fresh and good for up to 2 years, although best results are achieved within 3 months.

To Use:
Bath Bomb: Place gently into warm bath water.  As the bath bomb begins to fizz it imparts colour and scent into the bathwater.  It also infuses your bathwater with skin-softening Kaolin Clay and Sweet Almond Oil.

Precautions (Please read before using the product to ensure safety and a good experience):
Touching the Wet Bath Bomb: Try not to touch the bath bomb once it is wet as the colour could temporarily stain skin.  If this happens, it will take a few washes to remove but is perfectly safe. 
Allergic Reaction: All scented products that contain natural or synthetic scents can contain small amounts of common allergens. The vast majority of people will tolerate all these common allergens perfectly fine, and they are safe and cosmetically approved for skin contact. If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use and wash with clean water.  Nut Allergy Precaution: Please ensure you or your child are not allergic to sweet almond oil.
Do Not Eat or Drink Product/Water: Do not eat or allow children or vulnerable persons to confuse any of my products with food, as some products contain food-themed, food-scented scents or labels.  Do not allow children to drink the bathwater.  If any water or product is swallowed, it is unlikely to cause sickness, but could cause stomach upset.  Do not induce swallowed product back up, but encourage drinking of plenty of water and if not swallowed ask them to spit it out.
Slip Hazard Possible: Any product with certain ingredients (cocoa whip for example), can make the bath slippy.   Take care not to stand in the bath or when entering or exiting the water.
If Toy is Included: Small Toy.  Choking Hazard.  Not suitable for children under 3 years.  Parental supervision required.

 Cosmetic Grade, see product label
 Please see product label or contact us before purchasing.
IFRA Safe Usage Limits (Scent, Category 9 - Skin-Contact Cosmetics): Conforms
Cosmetic Safety Assessment: Approved
Cosmetic Product Portal: Notified
Expiry: Use within 12 months or for best results, use ASAP.  Labels are stamped with a code which indicated the date of curing (ready to ship).
UKCA (if includes a toy): Yes
CE(if includes a toy): Yes
GDPR: By purchasing from this store, you are agreeing to our GDPR policy, which requires us to handle your personal data to process your order.  We will never use or sell your data for any other purpose, and it is kept securely with our store providers and/or platform hosts. We may send you an email asking if you would like to review your purchase.  If you submit a review, we may post it on our social media channels.  You have the right to request that we delete any of your personal data, including your account with us, your review/s and/or social media-shared reviews that you have written for us, at any time.

You May Like to Know:
Cruelty-Free sources. I am against animal testing.
I cannot guarantee that these are vegan due to limited information from sources, but generally, does not contain any ingredients that are not vegan.
Hand-Made fresh in small volumes by myself
Made in Wales, UK.
I have been making bath bombs since 2018.

I send with Royal Mail Tracked 48 and provide a tracking number with every order.
I offer Royal Mail Tracked 24 as an upgraded option. 
Dispatch is usually 1-2 days, but can take longer if any of your products need more time to cure.
SMS and email tracking updates: pleasure ensure you have provided your mobile number and email address is you wish to receive these.

The Product should reach the customer intact, I will replace or refund if broken.   Photo evidence may be required.
You should receive the goods you paid for.  If anything is missing or incorrect, let me know and I will replace them.
If items are late, let me know and I can look into that for you.
You should get your order in a reasonable time, but please factor in the hand-made nature of the products, and in rare cases, I may need to obtain a toy for a product in your order.  Sometimes shipping delays can occur that are beyond my control.  If the item is more than 7 days late, please contact me.
If there are any issues, please let me know and I will always reply.  Please do not phone as its not used.

Intellectual Property:
I do not wish to infringe on any trademarks, and do not attempt to pass any off any products containing a branded toy as being an official item from that brand.  I include some branded toys as FREE GIFTS in my products, as is quite common with craft items such as cakes with toys on top etc. 
If you own or are responsible for a brand of toy I am including as a gift in my bath bombs, and do not wish me to do so, please let me know and I will discontinue them.  Please do not pursue me legally as I am working just by myself, I am a Hobby/Craft seller, so very low sales volume, and there really isn't much money made from this at all.  This would just result in massive legal cost to you for no return, as I would immediately discontinue the product if this occurred and the case would get thrown out because of 'prior-compliance'.  This has been the case with around 6 or so instances of this in the past.  We are not a big, money-making business so its just best to ask us to remove itinstances so far.  It is far better to just tell me about the issue and I will discontinue and remove the product immediately.  No stock is pre-made or held anywhere.  I do not sell in physical shops/chains.  Any stock listed on other platforms is not actual stock, but my ability to make those items for the stated dispatch time.  They do not yet exist.

I buy all the toys from official sources that I use.  They are included as free gifts and are not part of the product price you pay.  I do not attempt to pass my bath bombs with free toys off as officially branded products.
Please also note that I show the bath bombs wrapped and unwrapped in most photos.