Surprise Cash Bath Bomb (£20 inside) 220g

Surprise Cash Bath Bombs can take longer for me to make than other bath bombs because I have to obtain cash to put in them. Recently it has been very hard to do these in the Covid-19 pandemic as I have been unable to get the cash to put in them. Un
0.22 KGS
£3.50 per Order (UK Only) - Add as much as you want! International Shipping Available

Surprise Cash Bath Bomb which contains either £5 inside for a fun gift with a great surprise - it's better than putting it in a card. 220g

Will contain a £20 note in a foil sachet.  Ideal for gifts where you want the person to get that cash!

Gives a strong fragrance effect and lovely water colour. With Sweet Almond Oil and Kaolin Clay for soft skin feel.  With Shea Butter & Millionaire Trans fragrance suitable for men and women.

Not for children under 3.  Contains cash.  Choking Hazard.

This product is not considered gambling because all prizes are less than the cost of the bath bomb.  It is for fun only, but makes a SUPER gift!  We can also make a GUARANTEED £5, £10 or £20 version if you wish to give it as a gift. 

Caution: contains concentrated colour - do not touch the bath bomb when it is wet or it may temporarily colour your skin.  Once the bath bomb has finished fizzing, the coloured water should not colour your skin or your bath due to ingredients added to bath bombs designed to prevent this.

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